Diner finds rare purple pearl inside clam at an eatery in Rehoboth Beach, DE

A clam appetizer may turn out to be worth thousands of dollars after a diner found a rare purple pearl.

Scott Overland ordered the clams at seafood restaurant Salt Air on Aug. 9 while on vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Del., with his wife and two children.

When Overland bit down on something unexpected, he first thought it came from the kitchen before realizing it came from the clam.

Photos shared by Overland show the indentation where the pearl formed in the clam’s shell.

Per reports, the clam was a northern quahog produced by Cherrystone Aqua Farms in the Chesapeake Bay.

Finding a pearl in one’s food is a rare event as farming, processing and cooking often destroys natural pearls that might otherwise end up on a plate.

Most commercial pearls are farmed from particular mollusk species — not just oysters — in particular conditions.

But the large size and rare shade of purple could make Overland’s pearl quite valuable.

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