Everyone needs encouragement from time to time, and it can feel hard to find in a world of seemingly constant bad news. That’s why we began The Good In U! This is a place where you can engage with uplifting content from around the globe. Whether it’s inspirational stories, animals doing tricks, or an encouraging quote, we want to bring you the news that lightens your day. 

At The Good In U, we believe that one person (or puppy) can make a big difference.  We want to help you power up to be a difference-maker in your own life, for your family and in your community. Maybe that looks like helping pay for someone’s coffee, giving your friend a gift you know they’ll love or simply spreading some positivity. So come hang out with us for a bit! Enjoy a cat cuddling its owner or children saying something funny. It might seem small, but it can make a big difference if you take all those bits of joy and pay them forward. 

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